About Us

Hoomaan company includes a professional and experienced team which is active in the field of product engineering for helping growth and prosperity of food industry. With the experience of 3 generations in food industry and international trading, Hoomaan is supporter of manufacturers.

The most important activities at Hoomaan are:

  • Guidance in choosing and production of products
  • Choosing machinery and production lines
  • Preparing formulation of product
  • Advising on best production methods
  • Selecting best raw materials
  • Selecting export sales market
  • Importing raw materials
  • Training of employees
  • Continuously scientific and specialized services

Our main aim is to create product, increase the quality and peace of mind for continues market and in this way we will be always by your side.

Hoomaan, a reputable and lasting name for you.

Product engineering

Hoomaan company based on experience and extensive studies in production of food and beverage industry’s products, is ready to help and guide in the field of product designing, formulation, choosing raw materials, machinery, best production methods, sales market and sending final products to the local and foreign markets.


Guidance in the field of supplying raw materials

By having extensive and professional relations with international and well-known suppliers for raw materials, Hoomaan company is able to introduce their products characteristics in superiority at quality and competitive price in the market.

Choosing production lines

As part of the company’s activities and by having more than half century experience and ability of choosing and setting up the production lines, Hoomaan advises and assists with choosing local and foreign machinery and by the extensive relations with the best local and foreign suppliers, offers the best services to the customers


Trading services

Hoomaan company is able to offer cost saving solutions to the manufacturers which results in better final production cost by introducing suitable raw material from reputed and international suppliers.
It also, guides and assist with importation process, providing solutions for better conditioned purchasing and supplying, and exportation of products to other markets.

Contact information

Address: Unit 17, No. 59, West Brazil, Tehran, Ira
Phone: +9821 88629757
Email: info@hoomaan-int.com